Let The Good Things Run Wild!

Let thwild thingse good things run wild!

Have you ever had a boss tell you, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it?” How about, “Leave well enough alone?” “Don’t think outside the box.” “This is how we do things here.” There have been millions of pages written into employee manuals to assure that no one tries anything new or different. It is micromanagement disguised as company policy.

Why do so many leaders insist on control rather than innovation? Because they think they already know the single best way to do something. In the worst cases they want everyone to know that it was their idea. Control is birthed by fear. Great leaders recruit, mentor, and unleash those who are smarter and more creative than themselves to pump out bigger ideas and new levels.

As G. K. Chesterton once said, “The reason order and structure exist in the world is so that good things can run wild.” I only want the church to have systems so ministry can burst out all over the place. I want the really good Jesus stuff to go viral. Crazy, out-of-control acts of love and mercy bubbling up in a tidal wave of grace that splashes away all the boundaries. Over the top. Then we can come together on Sunday morning to celebrate the good and wild things that happen all week long.

Let the good things run wild!

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