Deep as the Oceans

OceanThe story is told of a brilliant, godly theologian who was asked if he could sum up his lifetime of scholarship in a single sentence.  His answer?  “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”  Sometimes we make things too complicated.  The simple answer is often the best answer.

There is a contemporary worship song which has captured hearts around the world for the past year or so.  It is titled: Oceans (Where feet may fail), and it comes from the Hillsong Church in Australia.  If your church only sings hymns more than a hundred years old or you have been living under a rock for a while, you can find a version of it with lyrics here:

This song has a lot going for it.  A great allegory of faith taken from Peter’s attempt to walk on the water, a haunting melody, and not least, the ethereal Celtic voice of singer Taya Smith combine to make it a keeper.  It is not the easiest song to sing in corporate worship but it sticks with you.

When I listen to this song, it is the simple refrain that strikes me to the heart.  “I am yours, and you are mine.”  Much like the theologian’s summary of the Bible, it says all that needs to be said.  The only catch to this phrase when it refers to faith is that it must be sequential.  I must give myself completely to God, then, and only then, He will become my God.  It is the same vow of commitment that a couple shares in a wedding ceremony.  I am now yours so that you will become mine.  You cannot take another heart until you have given them yours.  This is the essence of sacred covenant.  Once you have taken someone’s heart you do everything in your power to protect it.

I am yours, and you are mine.  This is as deep as the ocean.

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