Infinite Creativity

Why did God decide to create things in so many shapes, random and regular, three dimensional in so many textures, and give us the ability to appreciate their millions of shades of colors? Why did we need taste buds that can distinguish an equal number of subtle distinctions and combinations of flavor? Why do we need ears that can differentiate between millions of sounds, tones, and rhythms? Imagine the incredible complexity of simply recognizing one person’s voice out of all the people we know. Why did God create gemstones that are so difficult to find, and even then don’t reveal their beauty until they are cut and polished, which is beyond comprehension that we would have thought of it, since they are the hardest substances in the world and therefore the most difficult to cut and polish.

God is the one who made all the things in the world. He wanted us to experience taste and smell and feel and beauty and melody, and through it all the harmony of Life and Love. Through our senses we are given a tiny hint of the infinite glory of our Maker.


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