Values and Hiring from the Outside

Recently I was surprised to hear someone in a secular business setting use the words “brand evangelism.”  Leaders in many companies also speak of the marvelous effects of having corporate values in a non-faith based setting. They promote the use of an approved language (a limited set of words) which shows alignment with the values.  Jesus warned of people who followed the form of religion, and by inference the language of that religion, without having a true commitment to the beliefs.


Most businesses, organizations, and churches in America today hire most of their management in from the outside.  If your values are so life changing, why wouldn’t you want to promote from within your own organization?  If you are not promoting from within, then you are failing in your primary task of training and mentoring leaders.  If you are not developing your own people, all the “purpose and values talk” is just talk.


The key is not “talk” but relationships.

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