Welcome to my inexplicable blog. Most blogs exist to provide links and information on one narrow area of knowledge or to explore the travails of a lonely soul. I have no such restrictions, for I am a writer. My mind is clogged with arcane trivia and I want to share it with you. I also hunger for more input and want you to share it with me. I am launching this blog with ten subject areas which appear to be wildly unrelated. In this case appearances are not deceiving. Their only commonality is me. To write good novels I draw from an uncharted morass of life experience. Welcome to my strange world. Let us talk about stuff. I want to pick your brain for cool fiction thingies. If you arrived at this blog from some external link, see my website to find out more about me and my work.

Here are the starting parameters. If you can’t find anything that you are interested in, you are indeed a dull person and should go bother some other blogger. If you stick around anyway, then feel free to post relevant or irrelevant comments. I can always start new threads if you capture my imagination.

1. All things Japanese (I was born and raised in Japan, speak the language fluently, and the people of that country appear often in my writing.)

2. Writing and good books (This should be a no-brainer)

3. Dairy goats (I once kept a small herd of purebred Nubians, displayed them at the Hawaii State Farm Fair, and even judged the 4H goat competition.)

4. Gemstones and jewelry making (I spent five years working for the largest manufacturer and retailer of fine jewelry in Hawaii.)

5. Bread and pizza (I am a hardcore bread baking fanatic, and was once the kitchen manager of the most popular pizzeria in Southern California. Flatbreads such as naan, chipatis, parathas, and tortillas are also a passion)

6. Computer geek stuff (I have been playing with computers since they had 5 ¼ inch floppies that actually flopped. You put one in to load the software, then replaced it with the data floppy. By the way, I think Macs are overrated. I can crash one as easily as my Windows box. However, if you want to gift me with a new 24 inch IMAC, I would not decline.)

7. Christian theology and issues (I am an ordained minister and spent 15 years as the pastor of a small Christian church.)

8.Weddings (During my active ministry I spent a great deal of time working at wedding chapels, and have performed over 38,000 weddings, mostly in Japanese. I am quite famous in Japan, especially if you pull out the wedding albums.)

9. Politics (I ran for statewide office 3 times and worked in the state legislature for 2 sessions.)

10. Shaggy dog stories (I know, they are out of vogue, but they pose such a challenge to a storyteller that I just can’t resist. I also have a thing for mixed metaphors that work. These can serve as the punchlines for shaggy dog stories or even stand on their merit.)

11.(Bonus Category) BMW M cars.(I used to drive a gracefully aging 1998 BMW M Roadster, the coolest car in the world that a non-millionaire can afford to drive.)

Anything in this list spark your interest? Click those keyboards and let’s get to work. We need to make the Internet more interesting and I need to sell some books.



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  1. theroodad says:

    Why don’t you tell a story about a Nubian goat bride riding to her wedding in a BMW while eating pizza and reading a good book?

  2. Charlie says:


    tnx for info!!…

  3. Nice job, I really like how your site looks.

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