A New Spin on the Vortex

About a third of the way into thchapel-of-holy-crosse first century of the current era on earth, a beam of energy from another dimension struck this planet near the coordinates of 35 degrees North and 31 degrees East. This was no random form of energy such as explosive heat or light. This energy was impossibly sophisticated, with a number of specific capabilities. It was in the form of a highly organized vortex, spinning to an accurate focus, able to penetrate earth, stone and water without losing potency. The target of the energy was the dead body of man who lay in a shallow rock cave. As the energy struck him, it transformed the cells of his body from dead to healthy, from decayed to vigorous, re-formed the injured tissue around critical wounds and damaged organs, and finally, incredibly, triggered the spark of life into him.

The Creator of the energy, in His enthusiasm, perhaps extended more power than necessary and the power overflowed into other tombs in the area to the same effect. The focused core of energy continued to burrow into the earth after finishing its task, and to this day scattered remnants of its life giving force escape from fissures and crevices around the globe. These are the vortices of power found today.

There are many anecdotal stories of healing occurring at these sites. Perhaps the tightly spinning energy flows up through the body and re-wraps the helix of DNA that has eroded from disease and aging. Perhaps the power merely refreshes like a clean breeze coming into a stale room. Sedona, Arizona has many such locations, and visitors come from around the world to seek them out. Many find the vortices life changing and adopt this experience as the core of their spiritual beliefs. This is no better than the man who trips over a stone in his path and worships it as a god for bringing him to his knees. He remains oblivious to the great Creator who formed the mountains of which that stone is but a minuscule piece. The vortex of power is but a tiny echo of the most incredible and life changing event in history. The resurrection of Jesus.

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